How To Pick A Wedding Date | Tips & Best Practices

Picking a wedding date is not only important; it is also one of those things that makes it all feel real. The day you get married is a day you will remember forever. It will be the day that you celebrate every year. Each month brings with it, its own special wedding chime.

For example, if you want to forever ring in the New Year with your beloved and feel like you are starting on a clean slate; the best recommended wedding date would be January 1st.  This can be the ideal time to take all your vows and promise to fulfill all your marriage commitments.  You also get to create New Year’s resolutions for your marriage and continue working on it towards the end of the year.


Getting married in between March and April can be fun, as with spring, new love takes birth and everything is nice and new in the air. In March, the weather bounces between winter and spring, sometimes resulting in unpredictable chill and wind.

April is a little less unpredictable, being a very romantic month while ushering in the season’s prettiest flowers. September and October bring cooler weather, yet it is still mild and enjoyable. Travel plans are also easier to make and destinations are less crowded this time of the year than in the summer months when most of the schools start.


How To Pick Your Wedding Date?


The following are some variables to consider when picking your wedding date that you will celebrate for the next 50+ years (until you begin forgetting after the first couple of anniversaries):


Time of year you prefer: Winter, Spring, fall, or summer. Keep in mind that if you don’t have a long engagement, its tougher to get the place, photographer, and band you want in late spring, summer, and early fall because that’s when a lot of other couples are getting married too.


Where your wedding will take place. If it’s out of town, be sure to factor in enough time for long-distance planning and travelling back and forth beforehand.


How long you’d like your engagement to be. In other, less intense situations, you should determine whether it’s important to you to plan and marry right away, or if job or personal considerations make it more practical to have a longer engagement.

Another important point to consider is national and international calendar of events.  Getting married during the Olympics or a world cup event may not be such a good idea. On the other hand, it could be brilliant for some couples.


Other family events, such as relatives’ weddings or milestone occasions like anniversaries, which could potentially conflict with your event. So be considerate; if your grandparents are inviting a lot of out-of-town guest for their 50th wedding anniversary in September, do not expect those same people to fly back to town in October.


Don’t forget to consider a range of religious holidays if you are inviting guests of different faiths. You might get more regrets if you choose to hold your wedding on a holiday or holiday weekend, when people may have other plans or obligations.  For example; One groom insisted he and his bride plan their wedding for December 31st.

That’s great for close family and friends. But more casual acquaintances may want to be with their close family and friends on occasions like this. You will get many guest’s regrets if you don’t consider other’s priorities when setting a date.


Another thing to consider before setting a wedding date is your budget. You will soon find that some times of year are just more expensive to get married. This is particularly true of the months of July and August, when there is more competition for vendors as these are popular months to have a wedding. Not only are certain times of year more expensive but also certain days, with Saturday heading up the list.

Saturday is by far the most popular day to have a wedding and if you consider another day, particularly mid-week, you could save a lot of money. Remember, there is definitely no need to get into financial difficulties just because of your wedding.

The Best Time To Get Married

There are no rules about setting the date for your wedding.  There is no wedding date without its challenges, and there are sure to be pros and cons to any possible date. So, at the end of the day, the best time to get married is a date that best suits you and your needs.


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