Hilarious Bridal Shower Games & Ice Breaker Ideas

Part of the fun of having a bridal shower is meeting new people that you may not have met before. Often times, many of the guests at a bridal shower have no connection with each other besides knowing the bride. As a result, as the hostess of a bridal shower, part of your job is to break the ice, to help those people get together and make friends with each other.

There are a number of different ways to do this, from name tags to simply introducing two people, but one of the best, quickest ways to do this is to use some hilarious bridal shower games or ice breakers in place of or in addition to the standard bridal shower games.


Bridal Bingo Bridal Shower Ice Breaker


One great ice breaker is bridal bingo. Your first steps in converting this great game to an ice breaker is to pair guests up whom you think don’t know each other. You want no more than fifteen bingo cards out at any one time. You will also need a list of the words on the bingo cards. Be sure to cut them up so you can pull them out of a hat or some similar container.

All of the bingo cards should have words on them that are associated with weddings, wedding gifts, or romance. In the center of the card should be a free space that can work with any type of line. The hostess should act as the bingo caller. She should pull the small pieces of paper out of the hat and call out each word. When the guest pair has a word on their card, they should mark through it with their pencil. If a guest pair can mark through a complete line of words in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal method, they should shout “Bingo.”

The host should check their card, and if, indeed, they have gotten all of the words, they will be deemed the winner of that game. The winners should receive some sort of wedding favor prize. There are a number of free printable cards on the internet along with word lists to help you in planning for this great game.


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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game


Another great hilarious bridal shower game is the toilet paper wedding dress game. You will want to divide your guests into groups of three or four. Try to divide the guests into groups where they do not know the other members. Give each group a roll of toilet paper and have them select a member to play the “bride”. In this exercise, groups have fifteen minutes to use the toilet paper to design a wedding dress.  At the end of the game, the team who has the best wedding dress, judged by the real bride, wins.


Clothes Pin Bridal Shower Game


A third idea for an ice breaker is the classic clothespin game. Each guest wears a clothes pin attached to their clothing. The guests are informed that there are three words that they cannot say. Words like “bride,” “groom,” and “wedding” work well. If any guest hears another guest say these words, that guest can demand their clothes pin. At the end of the game, which is typically the end of the wedding shower, the guest who has managed to obtain the most clothes pins wins.

Two Truths And A Lie Bridal Shower Game


An additional idea for a good way to break the ice among your guests is two truths and a lie. As each guest introduces herself, she should tell two things about herself that are true and one that is a lie. As she is speaking, each other guest should be writing down which things she thinks are true and which are a lie. The guest who has guessed the most correct answers after everyone has been introduced wins the game.


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Who Am I Bridal Shower Game


Another fun icebreaker at bridal showers is the “Who Am I?” game. Before the wedding shower begins, you will want to make a list of famous couples. These can be real or fictional couples. You want to choose people that your guests are likely to know. Write down the name of each member of the couple on a name tag, and put it on the guest’s back as they arrive without showing them. They have to go around the party and ask yes or no questions about their identity. The couple who gets together the fastest wins the game.


Purse Bridal Shower Game


One final fun icebreaker at bridal showers is a variation of the purse scavenger hunt. Divide guests into teams of three. Try to pair them with people they may not know. Give them a list of items, and the number of points each item is worth. They should try to find those items in their purses as a team. The team with the most points wins. For example, a can opener may be worth 10 points, and a tissue may be worth 2 points.

Do you know of any bridal shower ice breakers not mentioned in this post? Leave it in the comments below….

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