Whom Should I Invite To My Wedding?

“Whom should I invite to my wedding?” is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when planning a wedding. It is also a topic of outmost importance for discussion with your partner. Without a doubt, one of the hardest things to do is figuring out whom to invite for your wedding day and then sending those wedding invitations. In this article, you will find a breakdown of the different categories of wedding invitees. Those whom you have to invite and those whom you can opt not to invite without due reason.

This might make your guest list-deciding factor an easier task. Firstly, you have your must have attendees on your big day.


Whom Should I Invite To My Wedding – Most Important


Family – Your immediate family is anyway a given. The first thing anyone does when taking into account a family event is to count your own family in the list of invitees. You need not send your family wedding invitations, but count them within your guest list. This way you can save a little on your budget.


Relatives – Your extended family is necessary, and it is common courtesy to invite them. If you opt out to invite them, you might face issues later on and you could do without the agony of it all, so make sure not to leave anyone out.


Close Friends – Your closest friends might have been there for you and with you through thick and thin, therefore you might not see yourself getting married without them present.


Most wedding venues have a guest capacity that they wish not to exceed. This is enough reason to ensure that the most important and deserving persons are plotted on the guest list first.  Keep reading for more tips on how to draft your wedding guest list.



Whom Should I Invite To My Wedding – Optional 


Here we are listing down some guest probabilities you can opt out of and optimize your wedding budget.


Childhood Friends – you may have made wedding plans ever since you were small and promised them they  will be at your wedding, but if you haven’t seen them in ages and have not kept in touch or vice versa you might want to give preference to others. Who knows if your old friends even remember this pact? Choose wisely, a guest list is precious.


Second Cousins – Your extended family does not always include your second or third cousins, and if you do not even know them, it is okay for you not to reserve space for them in your wedding guest list. You can save your wedding invitation for somebody else.


Great Aunts and Uncles – The same consideration that applies to your second cousins applies here as well. If you do not know them, and they do not know you, then it’s a wedding invitation saved.


Kids – Kids are not always fans of long boring yet romantic events such as weddings and may cause some commotion or another during your vows. It might be awkward. Therefore, if you want a mess free and upbeat wedding, you can opt not to have kids at the wedding. It is up to you.


Non-mutual Friends – When you are going out, you always had your own friends, but sometimes those circles combine between yours and your fiancé’s, and you tend to hang out with them more than you do with people who aren’t. You can figure out whether you want to invite your non-mutual friends to your wedding, but only if you want to.


Non-So-Friendly Friends – Everyone has that friend who is not always friendly and gets on your nerve or on your fiancé’s nerve. It is true, it happens, and this could cause a dent in the happiest day of your lives. So, think carefully whether you would want someone like so at the biggest event of your lives.


Whom Should I Invite To My Wedding – More Guest List Tips



Exes – if you do have exes, you might want to save them the awkward moments of seeing their former lovers walking down the aisle with somebody other than them. If you are on good terms with them, then it might not be an issue, but as a rule of thumb, exes do not always make the wedding guest list cut.


Friend’s Families – your friends are your family, some would say, but when it comes to their own families, they may not have made a huge impact in your life and they would not make a fuss if they were not invited. If these friend’s families have acted like your own family, then they are your extended family and an invite may be the best way to go about it.


Co-workers – many people debate on whether you should mix business with pleasure, or bring your work home. So, in the same way, decide whether you would want to include your work friends in your personal life and on your big day.


Neighbours – some of us have neighbourly neighbours and some of us do not. Figure out whether you would want your neighbours there and make your guest lists with them as the last on your list.



Once you have figured out your guest list for the big day, check out to the most asked wedding invitations etiquette questions, before you start creating your own wedding invitations.


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