Choosing Wedding Shoes: Finding The Perfect Wedding Shoe

Choosing comfortable bridal shoes for your big day is very important. But, where do you start? There are literally thousands, or so it seems, of wedding shoes styles on the market. And an even more infinite number of possibilities if you are having them custom made. Well, it would make perfect sense to start with the most obvious in choosing wedding shoes – the style. The most basic rule is that the wedding shoes must compliment your dress.

 Styles Of Wedding Shoes To Consider

For ease of reference, below is a breakdown of wedding shoes styles to consider:

  • Court Shoes: closed heel and toe, formal, perfect for cooler climates and inclement weather.
  • Sling Backs: with closed heel and still semi formal, or more casual sling backs with an open toe.
  • Sandals: for the summer, more informal, pedicures are always recommended.
  • Platforms: particularly useful to give extra height to a petite person, or give a more slimmer look.
  • Pumps: either traditional or retro depending upon your taste.
  • Boots: either an ankle boot or full length depending upon the weather and your outfit.

If you already have a preferred style of wedding shoes, the next things to consider, bearing in mind your dress, are:

  • Heels: low, medium or high heel.
  • Thickness of heel: from wedge to stiletto.
  • Material: leather, cinza, silk, satin, lace.
  • Adornments: beads, pearls, crystals, swarovski diamante, sequins.
  • Colour: off white, ivory, white, or alternative colour.
  • Shoe Clips: having found the perfect plainer shoe dress it up with a shower or pearls or lace rose buds.

closed toe white bridal shoes

Best Bridal Shoes Brands

To get more ideas on wedding shoes styles, you could do a simple internet search for wedding shoes from some of the below mentioned reputable bridal shoes designers:

  • Vera Wang
  • Grazia
  • Cynthia Rowley
  • Stuart Weitzman
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Shelly George
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Manola Blahniks (as worn by Jennifer Aniston in her wedding to Brad Pitt and Sarah Jessica Parker to Roland Cartier)

Finding The Perfect Wedding Shoe – Useful Tips

In finding the most perfect wedding shoe for the big day, here are some things to definitely keep in the forefront of your mind:

  • Comfort: it is going to be a long day, with dancing at the end of it, so you must be comfortable in your shoes, or you will end up kicking them off!
  • Heels: your dress fitting should accommodate the height of your wedding shoes.
  • Fabric: silk or satin are currently the two most popular choices; they can be dyed afterwards.
  • Style: as mentioned previously the style should complement the dress and also your personal style.
  • Trying on: ensure you try the shoe you intend to purchase with a sample of the hosiery you will be wearing on the day.
  • Prepare: break your wedding shoes in by wearing them around the house, (not outside) at least a fortnight before prior to your wedding and build up your resilience!
  • Second pair: you may opt for buy a second pair of wedding shoes specifically for the dancing!

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