Cupcakes Instead Of Wedding Cakes

Using cupcakes instead of wedding cakes may be viewed as somewhat untraditional. However, if you are pooling your wedding planning ideas on a tight budget, one of the best ways to exercise your frugality is through a wedding cake. In fact, you can save lots of money by choosing a budget-conscious cake. Not to mention, you and your future spouse will share only a few bites and not the entire layer of the cake so why bother choosing a multi-tiered creation?

You don’t necessarily need to have an elaborate wedding cake to make your wedding day grand and elegant, it’s totally unnecessary, it’s nothing but just a fancy element, and as such is a budget stretcher for some couples. Just know that you can still have a stylish wedding even without a multi-tiered wedding cake.

Prepare Wedding Cupcakes Instead Of Wedding Cakes

There are many advantages why you should choose cupcakes instead of wedding cakes:

Miniature cupcakes can be designed and decorated individually based on your theme.

Easy transportation.

Less Expensive

Easy distribution to guests (no need to slice) or let the guests come to the cake table.

Because they are individually wrap, it is easier to assemble at the reception hall.

It will serve as additional attraction because you can creatively put it or scatter it at the cake stand table.

Cute, beautiful and trendy.

Something fun, unique and surprising, a different experience to the guests who used to see a traditional wedding cake.

Wedding cupcakes are so popular nowadays because aside from being so practical, couples can have it customized according to their tastes and preferences. Not only that, it will give an additional, amazing and magical backdrop to the reception hall. You can display it with several options unlike a wedding cake where you can create a single look design. You can display your wedding cupcakes in a variety of ways around the cake table with stylish and attractive tier stand and displays.

You can choose beautiful cupcakes design from your cake supplier, pick colour and decorations based on your wedding theme and motif. You can discuss this with your wedding coordinator how to arrange the miniature cakes attractively at the reception venue. Put it on the cupcake stand with liners and other add-on ornaments, flowers, ribbon, etcetera.

You can put one layer of a cake on top of the stand and add a cake topper of your choice. Cupcakes with creative decorations and design are lovely and magical and it creates a different glamour on your wedding day. You can make it simple based on your lifestyle or you can make it fabulous and flirty, the options are endless.

Another Reason To Use Cupcakes Instead Of Wedding Cakes

Historically, after the newlyweds share a slice of the wedding cake before the wedding toast, the cake layer(s) is shared amongst those in attendance. It is not supposed to be taken home because it symbolizes the newlyweds’ sweet gesture to the guests. Thanking them for their presence in the ceremony, but very few couples practice this good gesture, instead they brought home the entire cake after the ceremony.

So deciding to use cupcakes instead of wedding cakes can help you conform with historical tradition. How so? The distribution to the guests will be a lot easier, you don’t need to slice it, just let the wedding attendants pick it and distribute it to the guests.

Consider preparing small decorated cupcakes based on the number of your guests. For your principal sponsors and parents, slice the top layer of the cake (after you shared one slice for each other) and serve it to them.

Cupcakes instead of wedding cakes is one way of cutting your budget plus the sight of having decorated miniature cupcakes on the cake table provides additional excitement and creativity.

Explore your imagination and creativity. Organize your wedding based on your budget and stick to the amount you plan to spend. There are many ways to curb the cost of your wedding; the wedding cake is just one.

Cupcakes Instead Of Wedding Cakes
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Cupcakes Instead Of Wedding Cakes
Using cupcakes instead of wedding cakes at a wedding may be untraditional. But, it is one way to curb your wedding expenses. How so? Click to find out how.
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