Beach Scene Wedding Cakes | Tips & Advice

Beach scene wedding cakes for beach themed weddings. Whether you’re looking for carefree and casual or elegant and classic, a beach wedding is whatever you make it. And when it comes to the cake, you can have your cake and eat it too – after all, it’s your wedding!

Beach Scene Wedding Cakes – How Do You Like Me?


Fruity & Fabulous

Why not go with the taste of the islands and add a scrumptious fruity flavor to your wedding cake? Coconut cream, mango swirls, and papaya or pineapple fillings are all delicious options that evoke lazy beach afternoons in the sun. Citrus flavors such as lemon, lime, or orange will all delight your guests – especially when matched with chocolate or rich vanilla.

Beach Scene Wedding Cakes –  Style Me Happy


Color Me Beachy

You can add elements of the beach to your wedding cake strictly through color. What colors reminds you of a day at the beach? Turquoise, aqua, and shades of blue are obvious choices. Sandy shoes and rosy hues are the perfect inspiration. Or better yet, what about a fun sunset-color inspired cake?

Décor: Seashells And More

When it comes to beach scene wedding cakes, the more accessories you have the better! Seashells are often a beach bride’s first choice, created out of chocolate or fondant. Starfish, seahorses, sand dollars, or dolphins can add a special touch to your cake. Fresh flowers will add to the natural beauty of the outdoor theme, or ask your baker to get creative with gum-paste and sugar flowers.

Funky Creations

Beach scene wedding cakes can be made as unique as you are! Beach Why not ask your talented cake baker to think outside of the cake-box and get seriously creative with your wedding cake, using out-of-the-ordinary shapes, designs, and flavors to create a cake that’s exceptionally customized? A cake decorator with flair can create a stunning masterpiece for your cake inspired by the beach: What about a cake shaped like a picnic basket? Or a tidal wave? Or a couple of kissing fishies? Maybe even a glorious sandcastle shaped wedding cake – pile brown sugar around the base to make it look like it was built up from sand. There is no rule that says you must have a traditional white tiered wedding cake!


Top Off Your Beach Scene Wedding Cakes


Cake Toppers

There are tons of fun cake toppers available these days – and for a beach wedding, you can find some real showstoppers. From brides and grooms in scuba gear to beachwear, you can find a cake topper for virtually any personality type. Hunt online, or order through your baker, but be sure to place your order well in advance!

How To Plan For Your Beach Scene Wedding Cake?

Don’t forget to plan the ‘who-what-where-when-why’ of your wedding cake! As laid back as beach weddings can be, it’s still important to iron out the details.

Will you be serving your cake outside? If so, be sure to advise your baker and decorator in advance, as certain cake finishings don’t hold up well to heat and humidity, such as buttercream or whipped cream. Who will transport your cake, when will it arrive, and how will it be served? It’s important to budget for these necessities, plan for them, and discuss them with your wedding vendors.

A beach themed wedding is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate your commitment – so carry the theme straight through to your wedding cake. From seaside inspired flavors and colors to artful presentations, your wedding cake and the beach are a match made in heaven!


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